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Lehigh Valley Autistic support group in Bethlehem Pennsylvania.





Autistic support group welcome to all Autistics wherever they are in the spectrum.


Meeting place to be in Bethlehem, PA.


This support group is being started by an Aspie. I am planning a bi-monthly meeting. One meeting will be only for Autistics to socialize and to talk about civil rights or any other of the real issues that an Autistic person wants to talk about. This is a support group that actually is for Autistic people themselves. This meeting will be run by Autistics and for Autistics. The first priority of this meeting is to meet the needs of Autistic people for their entire adult lives. To get together in a united voice to be able to say to the world as a group, "We are tired of your attacks on Autistic people. We are tired of being labeled a disorder and a disease of epidemic proportions. We are tired of being labeled with only weakness and no strengths"



Another possible time of the month would be to include parents who are tired of the usual parent support groups. A place to talk about school issues like -


1. Getting your child to be treated as a gifted person with special needs. To be treated as having limitless potential without being loaded down with a ridiculous amount of schoolwork. To promote in a positive way the paradox of being gifted with special needs.


2. To focus on treating your child as someone with a physical communications disability who needs some help to communicate. To recognize that when some people might see your child as displaying a behavior problem, that they may actually be trying to express pain. That they become upset when no one is understanding them and people do to them the complete opposite of what they asked for.


3. A support group where you will not feel excluded and left out if your child is an adult.


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This is not the Lehigh Valley Autism Society of America.

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